About us…

A Few Short Words:

“Est. Berlin 2010 – A Field of Potential – A love of the less mainstream…”
The music that has no other safe place but in our heart and mind… the border community of dreams that brings our psychoacoustic pathways together to function as one….
Mind Field Records is the product of many years of culminated thought and ideas put into some sort of tangible medium that we can enjoy to understand. It is open-ended in every direction and forms an artistic field, which will illuminate some of the feelings behind our rapidly changing and frequently mechanical state of affairs existing within society. Freedom is repeatedly lost in the race for success or recognition and Mind Field makes it its mission to focus only on the boundless areas of music production and collaborations. With a current worldwide roster featuring talented artists from Berlin to France to Japan, Mind Field has every faith in staying true to these words and developing a special signature sound. Quality is paramount but boundaries, formulas, rules or conditions are not! Vocalists such as Lianne Hall, analogue pioneers such as Geoffrey d’Ombrain, Electronica extremists like Loacs Erepams and Sound artists from afar are all part of what makes this label worth a look. To explain the music, think Border Community through a kaleidoscope of the universe…. Hmm, what now, could that be like?

MFR founder – Nicholas D (Nicholas D’Ombrain) – has had experience running and continues to run another Berlin based label and he has created Mind Field so that there is always an outlet for these flows of harnessed energy and emotion. Like many of us, he is often not satisfied with the lack of originality and the repetition lying within the more favored genres of the industry: House or Techno for instance. To say it’s not loved would be a lie, but a place to put the emotion of our times is growing more and more valuable. 2010 is the birth year for Mind Field and with continued motivations and collaborations over a vast network of hungry and tired musicians, it will grow in strength and in numbers.

Swimming with the current and not against it… The Mind Field door is always open and the focus is Fundamentally to bring together a universal melting pot of unique & inspiring ideas… We love to create freely with a degree of differentiation between the forces thus creating a Mind Field of potential.

“Happiness is a warm analogue synthesizer” – Nicholas D


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